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DDI Shipment | Sept 23, 2021

All the genes listed on this page are genes I handpicked and imported to the United States and placed in my collection. I am actively working projects with each gene. 

A lot of people ask me what I look for when I import new genes, and my answer is always the same - I look for the weird. I want to see single and multi-gene forms. Is it recessive, co-dom, dom? Has it been proven to be allelic to anything? Who first produced it? Never be afraid to ask questions about an import from the person you're buying it from. If they aren't wanting or willing to share information then they don't deserve your money. Simple as that.


DDI Shipment | March 3, 2022



Twister was founded by Karsten Kamke owner of Snakeguy. The Twister gene is a co-dominant gene. It is a granite type gene that will pixelate or completely shatter the alien heads when combined with other genes. Truly an underrated gene. Super Twister created in 2018 

Twister ball python
Super Twister Ball Python

Super Twister

Twister Clown Ball Python

Twister Clown

Twister Ball Python
Nyala Ball Python



Nyala was founded by BPM Reptiles in South Africa! The Nyala gene is a co-dominant gene, and is in the sample complex as Mahogany and Stranger, but is not allelic or the same gene (think of them as cousins). Nyala is a pattern disrupter and a darkening gene.

The gene was founded in 2013. The super form was created in 2018 and is DARK! They have nasty attitudes (worse than puzzles in my honest opinion).

Suma Ball Python


Super Nyala Ball Python

Super Nyala



Furrow was founded by BPM Reptiles in South Africa! The Furrow gene is a co-dominant gene, and is a powerful pattern disrupter. The gene was founded in 2015. The super form was created in 2020!

I will update the Furrow gene with my own findings hopefully in 2023. I will have several clutches!

Super Furrow Ball Python

Super Furrow

Pastel Furrow Butter Clown

Pastel Furrow Butter Clown 

Furrow Ball Python
Orbit Ball Python



Orbit was founded by Philipp Danch in Germany! The Orbit gene is a co-dominant gene, and was founded in 2013. The Super Orbit was created in 2015! Orbit is a pattern disrupter and color enhancer. It's single gene form is very granite like and can produce singular orbs in or around the alien head. You'll see more orbs as you gene stack the animal. The real treasure is the color it produces. You get a nice, earthy red-clay color that doesn't fade, brown out, or lighten as it ages. It's reddish hues actually enhance as it ages, just like a fine wine. 

Super Orbit Mojave Ball Python

Super Orbit Mojave

Mojave Orbit Enchi Ball Python

Mojave Orbit Enchi



Striker was founded by BPM Reptiles in South Africa! The Striker gene is a co-dominant gene that was genetically proven in 2016. The super striker was produced in 2019 and looks SICK! Many "big names"  would argue that Striker and Zebra are the same gene, but it is highly unlikely. The single gene version and the super do not look the same at all (at least to me). 

Super Striker Yellowbelly

Super Striker YB

Zebra Pastel Ball Python

Zebra Pastel

Striker Ball Python
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