Howdy! My name is Anna, and I am the owner of AK Morphs located in the big ole' state of Texas. I got into ball pythons at the end of 2019, and purchased my first snake from Mike Wilbanks. 

In 2020 I made the decision I was going to become a ball python breeder. I have a specific focus in pattern disrupters, so if you're looking for the weird - you've come to the right place. I'm a lover for the unique and interesting, and my collection shows that. I also became infatuated with importing European genes, and being the first to release these selected genes into the US.

You'll be able to start finding me in 2021 at a majority of the large North American shows! I look forward to attending several international shows in Canada and Germany (when the world decides to reopen). 


If you ever see me at a show please feel free to come up and introduce yourself. Regardless of what you heard on the interwebs - I do not bite!


You can find me on the platforms below!

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JKR Reptiles